March 12, 2009

Mini-March Interview with Donna

Donna writes Bites, a blog that rates books in . . . well . . . bites. (It makes me want to develop a rating system.)

1. When is your birthday?

My birthday is May 5th, 1983. Child of the 80s. I don't remember wearing side ponytails but I could be wrong. But I did wear legwarmers but I had a legitimate excuse! I was a gymnast.

2. When did you start your blog?

This blog I started only towards the end of January. I've had my writing blog for over a year now and I reviewed books there as I read them. After reading up on YA book blogs, I decided to open up my own and shift all those reviews over to this one. That way I can still review books and be a part of two different communities.

3. What's your favorite month and why?

My favorite month would have to be August because late summer is my favorite part of the year. The atmosphere, the weather, it all just brings the mood together. I wish my own little world could exist forever in late August weather. And usually, by then, the humidity's gone so I don't have to walk sideways through a door to appease my hair.

4. What do you like about March?

March? Um, well, it's really the last month I have before my spring allergies start to kick in so I can revel in that. We also don't get much snow in March which is always a plus.

5. What March book release are you most excited about?

You are So Undead to Me and Zombie Queen of Newbury High are on my TBR list. Night of the Living Lawn Ornaments looks pretty freakin' cute too. And Wintergirls is buzzing in my ear as well as The Forest of Hands and Teeth.


  1. Bites is another new blog to add to my google reader!

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love my little Scrat attacks!

  3. Awesome!! A rating system would be cool, but I think i'd have a hard time rating EVERY book. It's a bit difficult at times.

    Great interview. :)


  4. Happy birthday?



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