March 18, 2009

Mini-March Interview with Diana

Meet Diana Dang, of Stop, Drop, and Read! who began commenting here slightly before she created her blog. She's really cool and into manga, so you'll want to stop by her place.

1. When is your birthday?

October 3rd. I'm just seven days older than Naruto! ^0^ Okay, that was a bit dorky of me. What can I say? I'm a manga addict! =P

2. When did you start your blog?

I started on the first day of August after a horrible, horrible month of summer school. (Physics, that course should burn. I cry now because I am taking it again this summer...) And which book did I review to kick off my blog? Twilight. My obsessed friend forced me to read it after I ranted about how dumb it is. She complained that I haven't read it so I shouldn't judge. And what did I know, it sucked as much as I thought. (Not to offend any fans out there, just my personal opinion). But I was nice when I wrote the review...

3. What's your favorite month and why?

I think that would be August. No possible form of school exist at that time and I can lay around like a lazy bum all day. =D Plus, the weather is nice and I could go on summer vacations! Hot surfer dudes on the beach side with a glass of lemonade anyone? 8)

4. What do you like about March?

March break baby! One week to be able to kick back and relax before those assignments and projects start pouring in again.

5. What March book release are you most excited about?

I am definitely looking forward to Zombie Queen of Newsbury High by Amanda Ashby. Zombies + Comedy = Win!! <3


  1. I have class in August...doesn't start till later, but STILL. And I'm not a heat person I'm sorry, must disagree with ya there. ;) haha


  2. Zombie Queen is super amazing so it is a great one to look forward to

  3. *woot* August! :D

    I love Diana's book blog name - very fun! :)

  4. @Liviania: Thanks for having me! <3

    @Lauren: Aw, well I hope you pull through!

    @Erika: A very fun read! ^^ I want to check out You Had Me at a Halo by Amanda. =)

    @epic: Why thank you! ^0^

  5. Happy birthday?



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