March 16, 2009

Second Week Summary

My first guest last week was Stephanie Kuehnert, who wrote an incredible guest blog and is offering a signed copy of I WANNA BE YOUR JOEY RAMONE to a lucky commenter. Second guest was Cherry Cheva, whose hilarious guest blog will be enough to make you want to win SHE'S SO MONEY. Tuesday's guest was another birthday girl, A.S. King. I'm reading DUST OF 100 DOGS right now, and I'm sure ya'll can't wait for my review. The fourth guest blog came from frequent In Bed With Books visitor Jennifer Banash, who has a set of her first two Elite books up for grabs. Fifth came Katherine Center, with a guest blog about her March birthday! Friday saw a visit from Linda Gerber, with a guest blog about indecision and a giveaway of a DEATH BY DENIM ARC and swag. Next, Saturday's guest was an interview with the fabulous Beth Kephart, whose offering a signed ARC of NOTHING BUT GHOSTS. Finally, the last guest of the week was Chelle Cordero, with another guest blog. I didn't realize how badly I balanced guest blogs and interviews on the schedule.

That's a lot of awesome for one week. Don't forget that the last day to enter these contests is March 24th.

The final two authors of the first half of the blogiversary are S.G. Browne and Wendy Toliver. Both are great so be sure to stop by!

Each author contest can be entered by commenting on his or her interview or guest blog. The comment must be relevant to the content of the post.

Bonus entries can be earned by:
+5 Making a graphic that I can include on the blogiversary/b-day posts and others can use to link to the contest (must say
-These five entries can be distributed about contests of your choice
+1 Link to the contest
+1 Follow my blog
+1 Buy one of the author's books (and send me proof)

Don't forget that you are also trying to win my prize. To enter you must comment on my birthday (not telling you when) and on the blogiversary post.

I've so far decided that the prize will include:
FIREFLY LANE by Kristin Hannah

Buttons for linking can be found on this post.


  1. this has been a lot of sun so far but I imagine you put in a ton of work to get it together. so thanks! its like a birthday present for us!

  2. I'm glad you're enjoying it! It wasn't as much work as you might think to put together, although it does require a decent amount.

  3. Busy week! You have such a wonderful series of guests, bloggers and authors alike! I hope you are getting presents too :)

  4. Happy birthday?



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