March 1, 2009

Mini-March Review: Popular Vote

Enjoy these short reviews, brought to you by overwork!

Book Cover

By Micol Ostow

Don't forget to read my interview with Micol!

As I love sharing novels, I passed this one on to my roommate one night when she was looking for something light and relaxing. Her verdict, given at 2:30 AM, declared the book, "Very cute. Theo's an [censored] but that Logan kid's legit. Really cute."

Really, we're eloquent when it isn't the middle of the night.

Here's the rundown: Erin Bright is perfectly content until she learns that the historic field that inspires her writing is about to be sold and developed. The problem? Her boyfriend Logan isn't going to fight it, even though he's clearly going to be StuCo president another year and the company purchasing the field fund is the major contributor to her father's mayoral campaign. Erin decides to go for the position of StuCo prez herself and make a stand for what she believes in despite the fact very few people stand by her.

I admired Erin's tenacity and the way Micol managed to show that Logan wasn't the bad guy even when they were fighting. I did feel a little wary about Erin becoming StuCo prez as her campaign focused on an issue that would actually be somewhat out of her power and she never bothered to learn about the issues she would face. But other than that, I was easily swept along for the ride. At 224 pages, POPULAR VOTE can easily be read in one night. While it is cute and relaxing, Erin is still a heroine girls can look up to. She resists peer and familial pressure and finds creative solutions to her problems.

POPULAR VOTE is available now. Micol is also the author of the recently released GOLDENGIRL.

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